The Holiday Comeback

photo (4)

Alright, you had your sweets, alcohol, and your fair share of over-indulging over the holidays. I know I did, and I topped it all off with a flu as well.

The last time I exercised was December 28th, so I’m sure my cardio has kind of tanked by now, over a week and a half later. I lost my 145 day log-in streak on MyFitnessPal, which is a bit of a downer. My previous plans to start Round 3 of Insanity last week was ruined by illness. I don’t even want to step on the scale, because I don’t want that to be yet another thing I add to the list.

In fact, I was so down about it yesterday, that I laid in bed in my new neon-pink Victoria Secret sports bra and ate chocolate-covered pretzels (counted them out of course). Sad, I know.

I think I’m feeling good enough today to go for a run, still slightly sniffly, but nowhere near what is was in the beginning. I’ll try for a slow 5K, but if I only get to 4K I don’t think I’ll cry too much about it. As long as I start this again…then I’ll take tomorrow off and start Insanity again on Thursday.

This is my little reality check. Going to Cancun, Mexico is in 14 weeks. If you were really diligent, that’s 28 pounds lost! (except I am weight training, so who are we really kidding here.) Mexico is not my end goal, it is just a side goal, for extra motivation. Along with running 10k by the springtime πŸ™‚

So it begins again!!



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