100 Followers Hallelujah!

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Thank you so much for all the people who’ve joined my blog since I started it in September! Hitting 100 is amazing!

In honor of this event, I’ve decided to do 2 things! 1) Writing this special post so you know more about me annnnnnndddd….. 2) For the end of the month I’ll be holding a special giveaway! Stay tuned this weekend for when I lay out the details and rules, and the prize πŸ™‚

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I’m a wife, albeit a new one. This is Cory…the nice guy married to a crazy woman. He’s a Godly man who washes the makeup off my face when I fall asleep, carries my (and my girlfriends) shopping bags in the mall on Boxing Day, and runs 5K with me…even when he’s never done it before. He’s my best friend and the hardest worker I know. We’ve been married 6 and a 1/2 months now, but we’ve only been together just over a year.

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I like being married to him, but I wasn’t the girl who had a wedding planned at ten years old. I guess you could say I was a ‘dedicated single’, determined to prove to married people that not all single people need someone to feel complete. I was a free spirit who found God and liked to keep it that way the past few years. Oh, and I also had a fear of committment for a good amount of time. Now that we are together, we keep it centered around God, and focus on putting each other’s needs before our own…and it’s a heckuva lot of fun.

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I currently work as an EMT in Alberta, full-time in Northern Alberta on an industrial site in a clinic, two weeks in and two weeks out. The two weeks I’m home, it’s great because I have two full weeks home…but the two weeks I am up there is sometimes tough being away from Cory. I tend to focus on exercise, food, faith, and building solid work relationships while I am up there. It’s also great for blogging haha. Especially those nights where it is -47 with the windchill.

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I LOVE food. There’s just no way around it. That’s exactly how I feel. Don’t worry, my relationship with food is improving! (see 16 pounds have been lost haha). I am finding lately that I love making food for others, and socializing over food is my next favorite thing. I like an expensive meal on special occasions (hello $48 18oz rib eye steak…for Cory), but I have a budding romance with cooking at home. I decided to put behind being the heavier girl my whole life after getting married, and make it eating right forever, not just for now. It’s going great by the way.

Some other random facts about me:
+ I’m 5’3″
+ Walking Dead…I never miss an episode
+ I’m 25 (26 next month) and Cory is 27-almost-28
+ I like drinking coffee in bed
+ Squats are my favorite
+ I own a 1991 Toyota 4runner…my hillbilly SUV
+ My biggest fault is being intimidating without meaning to 😦
+ Crossfit is going to become my next addiction

Lingering advice from me to you if you’re on a weight loss journey/lifestyle change?

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Remember to check back this weekend for the contest!



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