Welcome to 2014!

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It’s been a nice break from the world of fitness, and recording all that I eat. I tried to keep track at least a little bit, and practiced the art of eating ‘some’ and not ‘everything in sight’. I’ll be stepping on the scale tomorrow to find out if I was able to just maintain my weight.

This is the time of the year when the gyms fill up with the new recruits that may, or may not last. I wish you all luck, but I will be taking another week off from the gym due to having a bad cold this week. It hurts me a lot.

Looking back on the year of 2013, my favorite moments were:

+ engaged to Cory in March
+ got married in June AND went to Mexico
+ got blessed with amazing landlords for our first place
+ bought a new car (finally!)
+ spent a year in a full-time position
+ lost 16 pounds!

Celebrate the successes, and continue to work on the things you need improvement on. Always set new goals (and realistic ones at that!).

Some resolutions of mine for the new year?

+ continue to seek God’s desires for my life
+ work on being a Godly wife
+ be more frugal with money
+ keep clothing amount down (always get rid of stuff!)
+ figure out a second career this year
+ lose 25-30 pounds this year!

Have a great weekend folks



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