Finishing Insanity Round 2


The day is finally here, where I can say I’ve completed two full rounds of Shaun T’s Insanity program.
Reposting a transformation as above because I found another ‘before’ photo that didn’t have my shoulder covered.

The picture on the left is from September 27, finishing Month 1 of my first round of Insanity, and the picture on the right is yesterday, December 16, finishing Month 2 of my second round. Huge difference all over…not just in one spot.

This round went MUCH faster than the first round, and I noticed huge improvements in my cardio recovery.

Where once when I started my first round, my heart rate was hitting 189 easily, now I’m fighting to get to 170. Back then a 30-second rest would only recover it by 6-8 points…now I recover by as much as 25 points in 30 seconds.

I think I’m starting to fall in love with suicide jumps and power jumps…is that weird?

I’ll post my Fit Test Results of this second round tomorrow!!




4 responses to “Finishing Insanity Round 2

    • Once you get on the ball, you realize how much you love it especially! I actually find it helps as well spiritually, and have even recommended it to some Christian friends of mine who struggle with their relationship with Jesus. I feel like it’s very connected, and when the “temple” is in poor shape either spiritually, or physically, either or suffers in return

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