Quest Bar Experience

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Whoops it’s been 12 days too long without a post, sorry folks.

I’m a big Instagram junkie for many, many reasons. First of all, it’s easy and great to find fitness/food inspiration from people who have lost weight and gone into the health/nutrition career industry.

Many people release e-books for healthy recipes and at-home fitness routines. Many of these women are moms, and women who formerly suffered from extreme obesity.

Also, I love it because I tend to take pictures of my meals, for accountability as well as to demonstrate that I can lose weight without starving myself. It connects me with a lot of online support, as well as links to me to other people I can also support and cheer on.

Anyways, via Instagram, I noticed quite a few people were posting about these protein bars called Quest Bars. Now I’m not too fond of protein bars as they tend to be chalky and rock hard, causing my jaw to become extremely sore. On top of that, they are usually fairly high in calories and I would rather just make a meal instead of eating 400 calories in a bar.

Quest Bars have been in the States for sometime, but only recently did I notice they became available in Canada. I stopped at GNC, and bought the only two flavors they carried: Banana Nut Muffin and Coconut Cashew. The bars are wicked as far as the nutritional information suggests… 190 calories/6g of fat/25g of carbs/17g of fibre/1g of sugar/20g of protein. Sounds pretty good to me! Also, you can bake them, fry them, broil them, and microwave them as desserts!!

Well. Anyone who knows me, knows the bad luck I have with trying new things sometimes…and this was one of those times. I ate a BNM one directly upon getting into the car. I will admit, I thought it was pretty freaking delicious. Kind of buttery and sweet, plus I love banana. That was at 4pm. Now I ate Pizza Hut that night, so I don’t really remember feeling weird from that one, but I was pretty gassy that night, but attributed that to pizza.

The next day was my flight up to work, and I ate the Coconut Cashew flavor on the flight at about 11am. Felt fine…till 230pm. I was actually incapacitated with bloating and such a stomach ache I have never experienced. I’m not talking regular bloating either…I mean like “6-months-pregnant” bloating. Completely uncomfortable. How long did this take to go away? Not a couple hours…not even one day…but 2.5 days later, now I can feel my insides return to normal (after the horrible gassy episode I had last night).

First of all, I almost never get bloated from food, “I physically don’t bloat…it’s a gift” (Megan, from Bridesmaids movie). Second of all, I eat a decent amount of fibre, exercise, and drink lots of water…so there was no normal factor as to why I was in pain from that.

I ended up googling it and found that a good number of people get stomach aches and this same episode from Quest Bars, and it has to do with the sugar alcohols present in the bar. Problem (or non-problem?) is your body cannot digest them, which is why the calories are so low. (Ps sugar alcohols occur naturally in some fruits).

So I have learned my lesson, but I have two bars left, one of each of those flavors I tried. So I’m going to give it another go and see if I get that reaction again. I’m going to wait another day or two and eat one…and document the reaction. What I thought was going to be a wonderful protein bar, I now may end up avoiding because I had to quit my Insanity workout yesterday because I was so bloated it was hurting.

Has anyone else had these reactions from just certain bars, or is it all of them?



2 responses to “Quest Bar Experience

  1. I realize this is SUPERRR late in the game haha, but I’ve been recently having the same issues. In fact, a Google search along the lines of “Quest bar bloating” got me here! I’ve found a lot of similar posts, even on body builder sites, claiming that these bars really back people up (if you know what I mean…) I can’t even sleep if I have one for dessert due to the, ahem, disturbances (is this TMI??) Anyway, just comforted to know it’s 1) not just me and 2) definitely the bar’s doing!

    Happy Friday!

    • Hi there. Nooo worries….I was obviously in your place before, lol. Yes I definitely noticed with these, and as I think I mention in the article, I am fairly certain it is the sugar alcohols, because they are indigestible. You can try one of the ones with sucralose and see if you fair better, but it’s just overall a bad combination of sugar alchols combined with 17g of fibre in one sitting. I did notice a major difference if i A) drank tons of water while eating it and B) not having more than 1 bar every other day.

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