December Goals and Arm Progress

photo (31)It’s that time of the month again…goal re-evaluation!

I decided to leave food goals out this month because I’m still following somewhat of a carb-cycling program to continue staying out of a plateau.

5K is getting easier and easier to run, hence why I am going to try for twice a week this month. I want to improve on my time before I start moving on to working toward 10K.


photo (32)In other news, I did do a comparison picture for my arms!!!! Left picture was takenΒ on October 1, and the one on the right is December 1! What a freaking difference!

Isn’t it amazing how when we get discouraged that our bodies aren’t changing, that it ISΒ probably just changing in areas you can’t see (triceps, butt and back).

Anyways, good to see the arms change!





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