Plan Now to Beat Holiday Weight


Feeling as though holiday weight gain is just an inevitable thing? Life doesn’t have to be that way! “Fat December” and “Recover January” don’t have to be an every year thing.

Last December was probably the worst I’ve looked at Christmas in a while. I graduated school in June, finished out the summer slimming down a bit, but then I started not one, but two new jobs at the same time, and started dating Cory. Lots of stress, sitting, car trips, and lots of money was made. Then Christmas and New Years came. I ate my face off…with friends I love dearly.

Life is different now of course!!! I’m on my way to healthier weight, but still there is work involved. I have already begun to plan my escape from the dangers posed during Christmas.

Hubby and I live out of town from my parents so we will have to stay in town for a few days, and then we are heading out to spend time with our same friends from last new years, for probably 5 days. This totals more than a week.

That’s more than a week that I am not going to be cooking for myself, that I will be away from home, and a gym. It’s a week in an environment where there will be my mothers cooking, friends cooking, goodies and chocolates galore, alcohol, oh and no gym.

Among things I am packing for that week are…workout clothes, HRM watch, runners, running socks, thermal shirt, laptop, Insanity DVDs, and 10 pound weights. I’ll make it a priority that I at least have to get up and run, even if it’s cold, and out in the country roads.

Now for food. Some may think it’s rude to bring alternative food to Christmas or New Years events, but on the contrary I don’t think it’s rude at all. Because it has nothing to do with that food not being delicious…it’s extremely tempting! But if you’re working towards a weight goal, you’re just doing what’s best for your body! And nobody is going to look out for your body the same way you do…except maybe a very expensive PT, haha.

Bringing the following in a cooler:

  • Hummus
  • WW Thin-Style Pita’s
  • PB2 (powdered peanut butter)
  • Instant plain oatmeal packets
  • ALMOND MILK!!!!!!!! (for coffee and shakes)
  • Some hard-boiled eggs

I know what you’re thinking…I’m pretty extreme. But let’s not all forget that I am going to Mexico April 16, and I don’t have time mess around over the holidays. Eating poorly over one week, you could easily gain 2-3 pounds…that sets you back 3 weeks because you wasted a week gaining, now you have to work your ass off for another week to get back, and now ANOTHER week to lose. Makes you change the way you look at just one week hey? I’ll be saving the cheat day that week for New Years Eve 🙂

What will you be doing over the holidays to help you stay on track?



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