Down 15 Pounds So Far

photo (29)

I figure I must be doing something right if I’ve come that far.

Today I stepped on the scale and was very proud to see the number “184.2” staring up at me, marking a nice 15 pounds loss total so far, from 199 nearly.

My pants don’t fit, my shirts kind of fit, my bras fit…better. My face is slimmer and I have peaks on my shoulders. It’s a really nice thing when the scaleΒ is on the downswing.

Self-control doesn’t waiver very often, and when it does, I’ve gotten better at controlling the damage. Portions are easier to eye now that I’ve been in the habit, spinach is a staple, grilled cheese sandwiches happened, and alcohol was in there like a dirty shirt on two occasions. I look back on the month and feel awesome.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t had my bad days though, where I’ve grabbed the loose skin on my stomach, and wondered why it isn’t gone yet. Sat on the couch, and hated the way my very upper thigh fat bulged noticeably…and wanted to starve myself. The days where I’ve texted hubby and said “Dude. I don’t wanna work out anymore. I feel like I’m getting nowhere.” Yes, I have called him ‘dude’.

I’m not there yet because this is SLOW, HABIT-BUILDING, REALISTIC weight loss. And I gotta give myself a break some time on that one. This is isn’t the Biggest Loser. I’m not gonna win $250,000. I’m going win being more comfortable in my body, and seeing its capabilities before I’m too old to run.

Here’s to the month of December. For I will break the 180 mark this month πŸ˜€




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