Recovery Week!

photo (27)

Here I am at the last day of the recovery week in my second round of Insanity…and I have had such a good week for so many reasons.

Going about this ‘losing weight’ and ‘getting fit’ the healthy way is teaching me so much! The longer I do this, the more I notice certain things that have changed. With me, and with food.

So for those who don’t know, Insanity is a 63-day fitness program where you workoutย six days a week via DVDs and take one day off. There is Month 1 and Month 2, dividing them is Recovery Week where you do the Core Cardio & Balance DVD for six days. Today is my “rest day” before I begin Month 2 tomorrow. For the second time.

During my rest week there were some really neat things I started to see. Things I didn’t expect, work toward, or even hope for!

1. We travelled both of my weekends off to see friends and family, and this is normally where I fall off the band wagon…but this time…it didn’t happen. Know why? Kus I stuck within my normal amount of food I usually eat and I was full! (seriously, not sure if anyone understands the feeling…)

2. I didn’t feel like my eating was at all ridiculous, in fact I wasn’t worried about it, or fretted over calories as much, and I even managed to track it all still on MFP. There was a moment where my mom had danish halves on a plate and I took one bite, decided I wasn’t hungry, and gave the rest to hubby.

3. I felt “normal” this week. Like my body is balancing out a bit in metabolism, and weight. I was hardly self-conscious at all…until my period came of course.

4. I succeeded in learning what the outcome of a low-carb diet looks like in comparison to a healthy eating, exerciseย regime. The picture at the top of this post is indeedย my body. The picture on the left is my belly at 184 pounds…and so is the picture on the right 184 pounds. The difference is the day before my wedding I had acquired that weight through carb restriction. The picture on the right was taken two days ago…and I think I like that much better ๐Ÿ™‚

What did you learn this week?



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