Less Carbs and Perhaps Some Kombucha Tea

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I must say, this whole lifestyle change thing, the nice part about it is learning what works for you, and what doesn’t.

My recent learning curve has been a costly one…meaning it cost me 4 weeks of no weight loss to discover it. MyFitnessPal does give nutrient macros to follow in its program for successful weight loss, but for the first couple months I didn’t follow it.

Then suddenly looking at it, I wondered if it would indeed help if I did follow it, so I tried for a few weeks…and nothing. The percentages it gave me were 15% protein, 30% fat, and 55% for carbohydrates. B-b-but! I followed it to a T! WTF…FML….and so on.

So I looked back in my food diary and past macros to see what my percentages were in the first week of October when I dropped 3-4 pounds easily. Well would you look at that!

Unknowingly, I had a consistent ingestion of 40% protein, 30% fat, and 30% carbohydrates. I had a sneaking suspicion it was because of the carbohydrates themselves.

So I did some research online for a few websites regarding recommended carbohydrate consumption based on just daily activity. If you don’t know, I sit down ALOT of the day at work the two weeks I’m up north. I probably sit down for 8-10 hours a day I would guess. The only times I get up to move are 45-60 minutes of Insanity in the morning, and another hour of weight lifting at night. I would fit into the sedentary/light activity category technically.

The recommended carbohydrate amount for me was 100-150 grams. I looked at the macros again, and when I was losing weight in October, I was eating 120-140 grams. The last few weeks trying to follow macros I was having 200 grams on some days!!! No wonder I wasn’t dropping alot of weight OR getting stronger…15% protein is just not enough.

So the lessons of today is: if you are using MyFitnessPal, don’t just follow the macros it suggests you, change them online! I did as soon as the jig was up. Adjust your carbohydrate intake to  your activity level. Weight loss doesn’t have to involve you lowering your calories past 1200/day, it could just be your body is not active enough to  burn the excess grams off.

Now I have a new problem…protein keeps me so full I am having a hard time fulfilling my calorie number….

Ps. I’m onto this Kombucha tea lately!! it’s delicious and an awesome probiotic.



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