More PB, Less Calories

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I know that must sound pretty impossible, right? But it IS possible!!

I am pretty much obsessed with peanut butter and almond butter, there is noΒ doubt there, but sometimes I want more peanut butter in my Chocolate Banana PB shakes. At 180-200 calories per 2 tbsp, it’s not really worth it unless that shake is a meal, so sometimes I am stuck with less PB flavor than more.

Then a few months ago I stumbled across a product only a select few have blogged about or instagramed…a product called PB2.

Basically, PB2 is real peanut butter dehydrated of moisture and it’s oils to create powdered peanut butter. It is 85% fat reduced, which is amazing, and the best part is the calorie cost of two tablespoons is only 45 calories! a quarter of what regular peanut butter is worth. Apparently, you can also reconstitute it with a tablespoon of water to put on toast, but I have not tried this yet.

If you’re from Canada like I am, you may have to order this product online as I did, because I called every health food store in my city and nobody carried it. Amazon does offer the product…and it’s not terribly expensive, I think it cost me $5 for 184g, but the price goes down if you order more.

I’ve only used it in my shakes so far, but that was the main purpose I bought it…and it is absolutely delicious! So if you’re a peanut butter addict such as I but a calorie counter as well, I really recommend you give this a try πŸ˜‰



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