Weight Loss Success Stories

Ladies! Looking for some inspiration from women of all ages who have succeeded in healthy weight loss? Check out these stories from Women’s Health Magazine! (click the picture above, or the next link for the article.)

They feature 62 success stories of almost every body type for women, from 20 year olds and up. Best part is the article is tagged “Healthy Weight Loss Success Stories“, and looking through all of them, for the most part they are! There are a couple Biggest Loser contestants, but one of them the article on her is removed probably because it does not qualify as a healthy weight loss story (70 pounds in 10 weeks or something like that).

Almost every woman has listed their height, weight (starting and current), age, if they have kids, and how long it took them to lose the weight! Also, these are not women who all had the ability to hire a personal trainer and look like one of the Pinterest girls…they have real bodies, not chiseled abs, and they had to take the initiative on their own. You can read each woman’s success story individually and they have a few tips at the end per person.

Go for it 🙂



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