Have Realistic Expectations


Yep, we’ve all been here, haven’t we? We go hard for a week on a health kick and expect to be a supermodel by the end of it, yet only 2 pounds can be lost, or cardio can really improve…but you are not even close to losing the 40 pounds you planned on getting rid of. Planned on, expected to, wanted to…all your hopes and dreams ride on that scale for that first week or two and then the real work begins.

Weight loss advertising is the bane of how many people look at diets and healthy eating these days. “Look Better Naked in 6 Weeks” and “Lose 10 Pounds in Seven Days” seem to riddle my Junk Mail constantly…and they are delivered from Women’s Health Magazine! The thing about these articles is they market weight loss as a “thing you do for a special event”. So you carry on as a plump and unhealthy person for the year except for Mexico and a wedding?! They don’t profess to have a maintaining plan for you once you “look better naked”. I know you’re reading the headlines of those and thinking “well surely SOMEONE had to have lost that or else they wouldn’t be writing about it!”. Don’t get sucked in…it is a temporary plan that will set you up for failure. If you want the weight loss to last, don’t expect that you can jump on the boat and off when you want and it remains. Expect to make this last forever…keep working at it, and it will.

Television weight loss shows are generally unrealistic. The Biggest Loser is faulty weight loss results for MANY reasons:

  • The contestants work out 5-6 hours a day.
  • They are SEVERELY obese at 300-400-500+ pounds.
  • They are on a very low-calorie and supervised diet.
  • This is a competition to win $250,000.

Doesn’t seem like those are very real-life standards we all face (hello full-time job!). Not to mention these contestants are often dropping pounds in the double digits every week and it not a healthy practice.

No wonder we get depressed just seeing the scale budge only two pounds a week at best when we go about it the right way.

All this talk about attainable goals and expectations is due to a mental-beating I gave myself last week, when during my two weeks off insanity I blew through a 5 km run for the first time in 5 years…two days in a row with zero breaks. Pretty good hey? Well I didn’t think so. The first day I ran 5 km in 34 minutes instead of 30 like I wanted, and the second day I did 5 km in 40 instead of doing 10 km in an hour. Um, hello lady! You are not super woman! You gotta train for that sh!t. I focused on the wrong thing AND expected too much of myself. That’s not right for the process and not healthy for the mind (or the body!)

These Biggest Loser people drop 11 pounds easy in a week, and why can’t I?

photo (18)Oh right, because I’m a 188 pound hourglass figure…not 450 pounds all around.



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