I’m Plateauing


I didn’t think this would happen so soon, but it has. For all kinds of reasons, most of them good, I am sure. After a month of losing weight at a somewhat steady pace, the scale as halted at 190.2 for the last four-five days in a row.

I have examined MFP, read blogs today, and have honestly asked myself what the deal is. After over an hour, I’ve come to the conclusion it may have something to do with a combination of the following:

  • Have not been drinking as much water the last three days.
  • I ovulated on Sunday. Yep, now you all know.
  • I have not cheated ONE SINGLE DAY in the last 14 days. Literally. No dessert, always on par or under with 1200 calories. (including eating back my exercise calories)
  • I might have put on some serious muscle. Because today I lifted 10-15 pounds MORE, or even double the weight of some exercises I performed last week. Nuts.
  • My body has become accustomed to my calories intake. The chicken is probably to blame.

So, new game plan. I’m cheating today…just a little bit. I’m gonna have a dessert, and will I ever enjoy it. Tomorrow, I will cheat properly (meaning consuming 1000+ calories of food). That means steak sandwich, sweet potato fries, sushi, and yes, there will be vodka. Today, I will drink more water.

And Thursday, I will go to CrossFit. And then return to normal diet, but eating way different foods than I have been eating here at the camp (eggs, chicken, hummus, pita wraps, veggies…). Bring on the variety.

May the scale ever be in your favor.



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