Falling in Love Being Healthy

Among a lot of people who know me, they often comment on my self-control and willpower as far as with eating and exercising. They have known me in my times of yo-yo dieting, and when I have fallen off the band wagon.

I’m really finding after looking at this whole ‘losing weight process’Β as a ‘lifestyle change’ instead, that my mind is being challenged. See, in the past when I have dieted, it is with an end goal, something temporary and attainable. Once I have accomplished that goal, I stop pursuing it. I am no longer interested or challenged. A goal in another part of life takes over, and I forget about the goal of “maintaining”.

When I commit to something, I commit fully, and I do it the hardest way possible. I’m used to seeing these pounds come off so quickly in 6-8 weeks consuming little to no carbs, and yet I have only lost 9 pounds since the beginning of August. Mind you, I’ve lost almost 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, so I must really be doing something right this time. They have been the slowest 9 pounds I’ve ever lost.

Truth is, this slow weight loss is what you want, but I’m still learning that. I think I get discouraged every three days when I don’t see the scale move.

One thing that has kept me on track, is loving to come up with different combinations of foods, and taking pictures of it with my Instagram account. Making my food taste good AND look good is a surprising enjoyment these days. I find it makes me excited for my next meal, andΒ discourages me from just eating the same things day in and day out, preventing food boredom.

I make mental notes of how I feel after a healthy meal. The absence of eaters’ remorse is a liberating feeling.

I think I’m starting to love it, to the point where it’s not just a job anymore, or a temporary goal. It’s something I don’t want to just beat, it’s something I want to excel at. I want to be GREAT at cooking healthy meals. I want to AWESOME at healthy desserts. I want to be good to this temple of the Holy Spirit πŸ™‚



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