How to Save Calories Every Meal

Thinking about every meal seems very overwhelming to some people, and most don’t bother to think about what they are eating before they eat it. Hunger barrels over common sense, and before we know it, we’ve satiated the ‘hunger monster’ with far more calories than was needed in the first place.

Here are some examples, wherever you are, to cut down on calories.

  • Burgers and fries…the infamous and dangerously delicious combo. Take the top of the bun off, and order with sweet potato fries, or even better, a side salad (not caesar). A bun in itself can be up to 200 calories, and 17 french fries are about 130 calories. Total saved? 260 calories approximately, if not more depending on the size of fries you get.
  • Steak, garlic mashed potato and garlic bread. This my personal favorite. But garlic mashed potatoes at the Keg are 386 calories for a portion. Tell the waiter to keep the bread, have a baked potato instead with 1 tsp of butter or 1 tbsp of sour cream, and order a double side of vegetables if you have to. If you are really ambitious, skip the potato all together. Total saved? 426 calories approximately.
  • Stick with a 1/2 cup portion of potatoes, rice, and 1 cup of pasta. Restaurants like Boston Pizza serve some main pasta courses with 9 cups in the meal!!
  • If you’re thinking a shake might be necessary to hold you down somewhere, be aware of the calories content at places like Booster Juice and Jugo Juice. I love both these places to death, but use your freaking smartphone before you order at the cashier to determine whats the best choices. Booster Juice often has the “shake binder” you can use to see calories. Mango Hurricane, full size, is only 290 calories! Yet there are shakes in the binder that run 600+. Jugo Juice is the same story but you must look online. I made the mistake of ordering a full size Chocolate Banana PB full-size shake…and it cost me 486 calories…eeek.
  • For salads, skip the croutons, and the aisian crunchy noodles. Order dressing on the side and get a grilled chicken breast or salmon. To die for.
  • Go easy on cheese, or anything that has cheese in it. Cheese is very calories dense.
  • Skip dessert, or share dessert with 2-3 other people.
  • DRINK WATER OR PLAIN TEA. I cannot stress this enough. If it’s your cheat night, go ahead and have a glass of wine. But don’t drink calories with meals ever.Happy Thursday Y’all



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