INSANITY Round 1 Results


Yesterday I completed my first full round of the INSANITY program, all 63 days of it. Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of myself from the beginning! I’m really choked about that.

These three pictures are the fruit of Month 2, beginning, middle, and then the end. I was really discouraged in the middle of the month, but now seeing these pictures I realize it’s because I lost weight on my stomach first, and then my back. I dropped about 3.8 pounds this month, and the last 7 days of it I was training with weights in the evenings, as well continuing my use of MyFitnessPal.

I don’t have inches measured yet as I am still up at work for another week and won’t be able to measure up here. I am overall so pleased with the results of this program!

The first month progress is not nearly as apparentΒ as the second month due to the extended time of the workouts. I can definitely say I enjoyed Month 2 twice as much as Month 1, and I think that’s because I pushed myself harder than Month 1.

My only beef with the program is that I don’t have much upper body strength, so when I’m doing some of the isolated upper body moves like Power Push-ups, Oblique Push-ups, or Balance Push-ups, I can push out three reps and I’m done. This is one of the reasons I started weights, so I can get better at doing these moves for when I start my second round of INSANITY.

Today is my firstΒ rest day in 7 days, and I feel like I earned it. Today is the start of my 2 week break from the program before I start my second round on October 17. I can’t wait to see the change from the second round πŸ™‚

Take pictures when you are working out and sticking to a plan. Honestly, pictures and the way my pants fit are the only things that keep me going. Sometimes you are losing weight in areas you cant even see (perΒ above, I lost weight in my back and butt the last two weeks). Make it possible for you to actually see how far you’ve come.



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