I Tried Crossfit

If you haven’t tried it yet because aren’t sure what it is, according to crossfit.ca “it is a strength and conditioning system, [also being called] “The Sport of Fitness””. For a detailed description by the association, please visit the site to have a look at the ‘code’ of their workout program.

I have visited the sh*t out of the Health & Fitness section of Pinterest (my other spouse almost) and constantly I see posts about “women of crossfit” or “crossfit girls”. Jacked, toned, and more importantly, looking fit not just ‘slim’. I then headed to YouTube when I googled “crossfit women games 2013” and was wowed by their abilities to lift such heavy weights, or do pull-ups and muscle-ups like I’ve never seen before. The best part about these women is they don’t look like no-neck body builders nor a flat-stomach Nike running model. They vary between.

Now I admit, the only thing that worries me about the jacked gals is the lack of boob among them besides the ones that get implants, which I am generally grossed out by. I like having boobs, and they are really nice to have. They balance out my wide hips and make my waist look tiny. I really would prefer to keep them…so I don’t think I’ll be heading for 9% body fat and an olympic body, but I still wanted to try this Crossfit business.

So Cory and I saw on Groupon there was a Crossfit class, one-month unlimited, for $20. Which isn’t too bad considering to drop-in at a big gym can cost $20! (World Health Club, you know who you are). So we set out to try it the Thursday after I got back from work.

I was a little nervous, I admit. I was 40 days into the INSANITY program, and therefore  had confidence in my cardio ability. It was the weights I was actually worried about. Cory had done ZERO cardio in over a year, but was lifting 150 pound cabinets and countertops for work.

We got to the gym, at 545 for the 6pm class. Gym wasn’t huge, but was sectioned off for different classes, including a Muay Thai class that was in session. Guy at the front was super nice, and showed us around, and told us to get dressed. We met in the main area of the gym with about 25 other people, and our instructor who was about my size, 5’4″ish and she was pretty fit-looking. I felt better looking around to see people of all different sizes. Fit people, normal people, and even one big guy. People who had also purchased the Groupon.

We started warm-up which consisted of 2 minutes of skip-rope, 50 squats, and 100 jumping jacks. I killed the squats (thank you Shaun T), but my victory was only short-lived. Once the instructor explained the WOD (“workout of the day”), my heart sank a bit.

5 rounds of:
10 pull-ups (I. Am. Screwed.)
50 wall-balls
25 deadlift-raises with an empty bar

I can’t even do one pull-up, so I used a box and had to jump while gripping the bar, hold at the top, then drop and hang completely from it. By the third round of this, I couldn’t hold myself at all. And Cory…by his third set was hanging off the bar, sweat pouring down his face, while this beast of a woman with a back as wide as my dad just pumped the 10 of her third set like she did it every day.

Wall-balls were actually my favorite part of it. You take a medicine ball (they had 12-25lbs), hold the ball to your chest facing a wall, squat, and as you push back up with your heels, you throw the ball up against the wall, catch, and squat again. I started out with a 12lb ball and actually found by the end I could do 15lbs. The really big guy was next to me one set, just staring at the wall, looking like a bucket of water had been dumped on him. I gave him a bit of encouragement, and he picked that ball up again.

The deadlift-raises (not sure if that’s what it’s called) were deceiving. You deadlift with an overhand grip, stand up, and pull the bar upwards till it’s almost under your chin, with your elbows upward into wings. Does amazing work on the shoulders. These were incredibly tough. I was on my 4th set when everyone was either done their workouts, or quit part of the way through, but I didn’t get the chance to quit. The instructor did my 4th set of wall-balls by my side (I was so fatigued I would throw that ball 10 times, then have to rest my heart), then she carried on with doing deadlifts with me as everyone sat and watched. I could manage 5 at a time of the 25, and by 15 I was convinced I would puke, but she pushed me anyway.

Results? MyFitnessPal said I had a lot of calories to eat that night, so Cory CRAWLED up the stairs to go get us a bit of ice cream. The next 5 days, we were more sore than we had ever been. Every part of my body hurt. It was the effect of the pull-ups that hurt the most. Come monday we were STILL sore. At one point while making supper I said “all I want for Christmas…is to not hurt anymore.”.

Once we did heal however, we felt stronger in the areas of our bodies that had hurt the most. I also wanted to go back! The people in our class, although we were all silent at first, partway through you are encouraging each other, and spurring each other on. It’s a good feeling. It feels competitive, but brotherly. If you haven’t tried it at all, and it scares you just a bit, that’s a good thing. You know your limits…so push them in this class. Take breaks when you need to. Wear a HRM watch if you have to so you know when your heart rate gets too high.

Did I mention I did 60 minutes of INSANITY the morning of the day we went to CrossFit? Yah…don’t do that. And drink plenty of water that day unless you want your muscles cramping. Loved it, and we will be going back 🙂



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